Best Places For Lobster In Los Angeles (On Every Budget!)

Los Angeles loves lobster. A lot. Over the last three years, the city has seen an influx of restaurants and eateries catering to Angeleno’s love for the tasty crustacean, which means that competition has gotten fierce amongst high end restaurants and fast casual lobster shacks alike. With so many restos clawing it out to be the best lobster purveyors in the city, we set out to make the ultimate list for lobster restaurants in and around Los Angeles, whether you want lobster topped with caviar or just want a good, cheap lobster roll on your lunch break. Here’s a list of the best new restaurants to get lobster and some of our favorite spots that have lobster on the menu. Happy clawing!

The Venice Anchor 

The Venice Beach restaurant has a ton of delicious non-seafood items, but you would be kidding yourself if you didn’t have their famous Anchor Lobster Roll ($19), which is fresh Maine Lobster topped with black truffle and sea salt. The Lobster Mac & Cheese ($14) is a must-try, too!

Connie and Ted’s 

Make a splash on date night night by hitting this West Hollywood seafood eatery. Here, you can get grilled or steamed lobster by the pound (Market Price), The lobster roll here is on the pricier side ($26), but you can get it served hot or cold and served with mayo or drawn butter.

Lobster and Beer

Did you know Lobsters never stop growing?! #lobsterfacts #lobster #lobsterandbutter #lobsterandbeer

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One of the newer kids on the lobster block, Lobster and Beer, located in Palms, has zero chill when it comes to serving up our favorite crustacean. Has everything from Baked Lobster Tots and Loaded Lobster Nachos to a Lobster and Shrimp Bowl, Lobster Burrito and a Beer Steamed Split Lobster Tail. Basically, it’s lobster overload, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The vibe is completely laid back, making it easy to enjoy the delicacy in the most chill setting ever.

Lobsta Shack

There was no way Downtown Los Angeles was going to be left out of the lobster bonanza. Lobsta Shack is the brick and mortar of the spin-off of The Lobsta Truck, and is serving up some of the freshest seafood in DTLA. Go all out with The Big Catch ($90), a lobster boil that includes snow crab legs, shrimp, sausage and fish, or go small and stick with the oh-so-gooey Lobster Grilled Cheese ($20).

Fish Time

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In The Valley? Fish Time has your lobster craving covered with a Lobster Roll ($18) the can be doused in spicy cajun, garlic or butter seasoning. Served with fries and housemade coleslaw, this is fast causal lobster dining done right.

New Port Seafood

Chinese-style lobster is the way to go if you want to add a little (ok, a lot) of spice to your lobster-loving life.
With three locations across Southern California, including one in Beverly Hills, this is THE place to go for a sensational take on the crustacean. Here, the lobster is split, diced and tossed with an array of garlic, chilies, scallions, butter and pepper. The flavors are so bold an rich that you’ll probably want to eat this every day and will crave it long after you attempt to finish it all. Which you won’t.

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